I love food, I love clothes

I love food, I love clothes

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Love for your home town.


Anyone that has ever met me knows that I am from Utah and no, I am not a Mormon. No offense to any Mormons. But anytime I am asked where I am from (living in NYC introductions follow up with the question where you are from as few people are actually from NYC) when I give my answer that I am from Utah without my immediate response that no I am not a Mormon, people will without fail ask if I am Mormon or how many sister wives live in my household.
I left the beehive state www.Utah.com/ in 1993 and have lived in NYC ever since. I make regular trips back to the land of milk and honey and every time I fall more in love with it. The mountains are gorgeous, the horizon goes on forever and it only takes a 15 - 20 minute drive from anywhere in Salt Lake City to feel like you have really "gotten away from it all". All four seasons offer up fun things to do, winter being the obvious season. Summer here is wonderful. The mountains bloom some of the most beautiful flowers, the night sky is so clear you can see satellites flying by and shooting stars are commonplace. My favorite is to stay up at Stein Erikson Lodge and indulge in everything that place has to offer. I feel like I am on a vacation while on a vacation whenever I stay up there. Although I wont lie, a St Regis recently opened up with a Jean-Georges restaurant, this could change everything...
Anyhoo, as usual, I digress. While this is somewhat of a love letter about Utah, I walk around here in a constant state of WTF? in regards to fashion and hair choices here. For more then a few years now, women here (not all but a large majority) style their hair with the now famous by way of Snooki of The Jersey Shore, hair bump. It's a hair accessory perched underneath some hair on the back of their hair to make it look "Fancy" I guess and quite honestly, it looks to me as though they are trying to cover up some sort of tumor or crazy large growth on the back of their head. Add to that the frosted chunks of hair placed sporadically throughout their hair. WTF? Getting one's hair colored should be to compliment what you already have, not look like a blind colorist got a hold of you to try out what they are sure to be the next latest hair fad. The only women able to pull off changing her hair color often and drastically is Linda Evangelista. Know your assests and work with them not against them. Blending, blending is the secret.
Which brings me to my next WTF? A large majority (not all of them) of women dress like adult film stars to go out to bars here. Now I am sure that many men are ok with this but really, do you want to end up with a man like that? No offense porn loving men.
The loads of make up that has obviously been spackled on with a spoon, the hair, the clothes or the lack there of, it's too much, like you're trying too hard. (and for what is a good question)
Remember, I live in NYC. Anything goes, crazy reigns supreme here and I LOVE it.
One night at a club here in the SLC, girls where wearing spray paint for their choice of shirts. Big time WTF? There is a time and a place to wear paint on your body in place of clothes see link below
Here paint on your body works although I cant imagine the kind of waxing that went on for that look.
At a club, looking to get your groove on, believe it or not leaving room to the imagination can go a long way.
Color me nutty but dressing half naked is on many levels the easy and obvious choice. Show some thought, let your clothes tell people who you are. They don't have to be high end designer labels (but sweet love of Buddha, I do have expensive taste) they should fit you well and you should be comfortable.Think of your body as your picture frame (I have got to tone up my picture frame...) and your clothes as your art expressing and showing people who you are. It doesn't matter what your style is because nothing is "in style" anymore, everything is in style. As long as you own who you are.
On to bags of choice out here. The painfully obvious knock off Coach, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, Chanel, etc you get the drift, needs to come to a screeching halt.
First off, most counterfeit bags are made by enslaved  children  see http://www.stylestring.com/?p=2286
Do you really need a knock off that bad?
 B) Your bag should compliment you, your bag shouldn't be wearing you. If you cant afford a high end designer bag, buy a cute no namer you can afford while you save up for the real thing. Or head over to www.bagborroworsteal.com and rent whatever label bag you want.
Buying designer labels online is risky unless you are buying from the original website. Most of, if not all, online places that offer discount designer shoes or handbags are counterfeit. If you ever purchased a pair of Christian Louboutin's online and when the package came it is post marked from China, you no doubt are the owner of some knock off's.
I am always the first one to recognize that I am a slave to fashion (by that I mean I appreciate Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Prada  and of course Chanel, as more then people who make clothes, they are true artists. I also appreciate a cute outfit from H&M) I would never, ever knowingly purchase a product that is funding human trafficking and child enslavement.
Next time you or someone you know comes to the big apple and goes in search of some knock off bags, maybe think twice about purchasing something that has to be done down a back alley or in a van out of sight.
A person can look way more stylish with a bag from The Gap rather then carrying a knock off. It's the person you want people to notice not what you have on your arm.

To girls here in Utah that frequent the club The Hotel, you're all pretty. Put on some damn clothes and take off some of that make up. Ah mah gawd, am I a grown up now????????


  1. Clothing isn't the canvas that needs to be stretched on the frame??? It's the art, I know, know.... Great article, Sugah! xxox