I love food, I love clothes

I love food, I love clothes

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Slutty Barbie cakes, takes one to make one...

Barbie cakes are by far my best sellers. This week, one of the cakes I made was for a 39th birthday party and the birthday girl wanted one of my slutty Barbie cakes. I keep saying that it takes one to make one... So glad that there are people out there with a sense of humor and realize that I am kidding. 
Kind of. 
The rest of you that send me perverted messages via any social media websites,  well keep 'em coming. 

Here is the $9.00 Barbie that I use for most of my Barbie cakes. She looks so happy, no clue as to the transformation she is about to go through....

I don't care for the doll's that are made specifically for said Barbie cakes, they look like a serial killer somewhere is out there is designing doll's for some twisted purpose... And why are they looking off to the left? What in the hell is going on over there? 

So for my use, I buy a whole Barbie, then rip off one of her legs. Poor thing. She looks like she survived some civil war between toys once you cut into the cake. But all in the name of a Happy Birthday, anything goes. Just ask Salome. *

I use the standard Barbie cake pan but I also bake an extra 8 inch round to add more layers to the "dress" of the cake. I sometimes also bake a 10 inch round to place the Barbie on for a base. This works just in case the birthday gal or guy, this is 2013, needs to place several, several candles on said cake....

So here she is, looking like she is being tortured in keeping her arms up for a lengthy amount of time by some crazy dictator. The cake and frosting are alternating layers of vanilla and chocolate. Once I have her crumb coated, I then go over with the base color for the cake. In this case, black. 

I put her hair up to keep it from getting onto the cake while I decorate her. Any hair from anywhere on food repulses me. 

What I think is just nifty about my cakes (excuse me while I toot my own horn here) I have figured out a way to paint on frosting the same way you can paint on royal icing and or fondant. All the decorations on my cakes, including this one, is all frosting. Yummy, you want to drag your finger through it cuz it looks sooooo good frosting. Grab a diet coke and a fork and let the birthday celebration begin. 

*I was raised (very much against my will) Jehovah Witness. I knew from a very early age that this was not going to work out for me. Jehovah Witnesses don't believe in celebrating any holidays whatsoever. This includes birthdays, I remember even the word birthday was treated as a profanity.
 Hi, have you read this blog? Clearly I wasn't going to last in this.
 Every time I asked an elder (an older "wiser" member of this organization) why we couldn't celebrate birthdays, they always referred to the story in the bible of the girl, Salome. Who, for her birthday wanted and got John the Baptist's head on a platter. My response to this ass backwards reasoning, was that I didn't want a head on a platter, just some cake and a few presents. Gosh. 

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